Case Plans – Come in Different Shapes and Sizes!!

Case Plans  - not as scary as you may think, most fee earners will have come across them at some time, but when managed well they can produce a fast and inexpensive  turn around, in comparison to the detailed Bill of Costs.

When a civil case becomes complex and expensive it may need to be managed under a very high cost case contract.(VHCC)

A civil high cost case is any civil case where the final costs either to settlement or final hearing are likely to exceed £25,000. These are managed by the Exceptional and Complex Case Team.

All areas of civil funding are covered, including associated judicial reviews, but the following are the most common:

  • family (including private law, public law, child abduction and Court of Protection cases)
  • clinical negligence
  • prison law
  • actions against the police
  • education
  • housing

We enclose in this article a detailed flow chart in relation to “family case plans” as a gentle remainder and a note to all those among you who deal with family law.